Kilbrennan Farm




We are very fortunate to live on an island with a great variety of habitats and especially to be within the Loch na Keal National Scenic Area.

Here at Kilbrennan we have a wide variety of wildlife, but the most frequently seen are the Red Deer.

Red Deer

Photo of newly-born calf at KilbrennanWe frequently, almost daily, see Red Deer grazing just outside the house. These are mainly hinds with, at the appropriate time of the year, their young. There will also often be young stags with them.

The hinds calve in June and then, if you are lucky, you may see one of their spotted youngsters.

Generally the calves are hidden in deep cover and the hinds visit them, very carefully, to feed them. Occasionally though, the calves may be visible and the photo shows one calf which was left, for part of a day, in a more 'open' position, just 100 yards from the house.

In the Autumn things here get a bit more exciting with the deer rut. From late September the stags begin to bellow and then try to 'claim' a group of hinds. This happens in the woods and fields surrounding the house. Their bellows can be heard around the clock.

Photo of red deer stag in velvet at KilbrennanMost times of the year there are deer to be seen and in the summer you may spot stags with their antlers still in velvet.

The photo here was taken through the guest room window.

Obviously the deer are wild and so we can't guarantee when they will be seen. 


Our position here at Kilbrennan - being surrounded by pasture and deciduous woodland and yet very near the coast - means that there is a very wide variety of bird life.

Most days one will see and hear buzzards as they soar in the sky and we do see the famous white-tailed sea eagles.

Photo of spotted flycatcher at KilbrennanHowever, we also enjoy the great variety of other birds present, with flycatchers and willow warblers being seen at the same time as wheatears, lapwing and curlews.

Over the sea one will frequently see gannets, as well as a variety of gulls.

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If you have any interest in birds then the Mull Birds site will keep you in touch with all the latest sightings.

Other Wildlife

If one takes a short walk to one of 'our' nearby beaches then one may see seals or otter - they are seen regularly.

Photo of Sea Eagle in Flight taken from Mull Charters boatKilbrennan is also excellently placed for taking wildlife-watching day trips.

You could join Mull Charters on one of their cruises which leave from Ulva Ferry, just a few minutes' drive down the road.

Alternatively, you could arrange a tour by road with the very experienced wildife tour guide who also lives just a couple of miles away.

Staying at Kilbrennan is also ideal for taking a day trip to visit Staffa and the Treshnish Isles. Staffa is justly famous, and Fingal's cave really should be seen.

Photo of a Puffin on Lunga one of the Treshnish IslandsMany people also find that the visit to the Treshnish Isles is a highlight of their holiday. They really appreciate the opportunity to get up close to such a variety of wildlife. Most people's favourites are the puffins, which are extremely photogenic.

The trips to Staffa and the Treshnish Isles also leave from just down the road at Ulva Ferry.


Domestic Animals

Photo of sheep with new born lamb at Kilbrennan

Being surrounded by pasture, and as the land around us is farmed, we have a regular procession of animals that live alongside us at Kilbrennan.

Photo of a Highland bull at Kilbrennan

We don't know what animals will be here when, but we have discovered they all have their interest!

Photo of tups dyed yellow at Kilbrennan Some can be cute...or maybe not...

Photo of Highland Calf

We do have a cat - but he isn't allowed upstairs.

Photo of our ginger cat

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